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Ⅰ.Phonetics(5 points)

Directions:In each of the following groups of words,there are four underlined letters or letter combinations marked A,B,C and D.Compare the underlined parts and identify the one that is different from the others in pronunciation.Mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.


























Ⅱ.Vocabulary and Structure(15 points)

Directions:There are 15 incomplete sentences in this section.For each sentence there are four choices marked A,B,C and D.Choose one answer that best completes the sentence and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

6.I’m sorry I can’t see you immediately;but if you’d like to take a seat, I’ll be with you .

A.for a moment

B.in a moment

C.for the moment

D.at the moment

B 考查词组词义辨析。句意:对不起,我不能马上见你;但是如果你坐下来等我的话,我过一会儿就可以。for a moment一会儿(表示时间段);in a moment过一会儿;for the moment暂时;at the moment此时,此刻。

7.Well, let’s put our heads together and find a(n) to the problem.





C 考查名词词义辨析。句意:让我们齐心协力找出一个解决问题的办法。四个选项都有“方法”的意思,但只有solution后跟介词to,与problem搭配,意为“解决问题的方法”。

8. , he is not a very bright pupil.

A.As far as his intelligence is concerned

B.As far his intelligence is concerned

C.So his intelligence is concerned

D.As far as his intelligence are concerned

A 考查固定搭配。句意:就智力而言,他并非是一位非常聪明的学生。as far as…be concerned为固定词组,意为“就……而言”。又因为intelligence一词为不可数名词,故选A。

9.We forgot to bring our tickets,but please let us enter, ?

A.do you

B.will you

C.can we

D.shall we

B 考查反意疑问句。句意:我们忘了带票了,请让我们进去,好吗?let us表示请求,反意疑问句应为will you/won’t you;而let’s表示建议,反意疑问句应为shall we。

10.The university four colleges and five academies.

A.is made of

B.is composed of

C.is consisted of

D.composed of

B 考查词组词义辨析。句意:这所大学是由四所学院和五所研究院组成的。be made of 表示“由……制成”,且从成品上能看出原料。表示“由……组成”的词组有be made up of,be composed of,consist of等。经过排除,正确答案为B。

11. parents say and do has a life-long effect on their children.





A 考查主语从句。句意:父母的言行对他们的孩子有终生的影响。从句中缺少宾语,排除that,因that在名词性从句中不充当任何成分。which有选择含义,应排除。what符合题意。

12.We love peace, yet we are not the kind of people to yield any military threat.





B 考查固定搭配。句意:我们热爱和平,但我们不是那种屈服于武力威胁的人。yield to为固定词组,意为“屈服于……,对……妥协”。

13.It is politely requested by the hotel management that radios after 11 o’clock at night.

A.were not played

B.not to play

C.not be played

D.did not play

C 考查虚拟语气。句意:饭店管理部门恳请客人晚上11点以后不要打开收音机。动词request所接从句要用虚拟语气,其结构为“should+动词原形”,should可省略。且此处表示被动,故选C。

14.—My room gets very cold at night.

— .

A.So is mine

B.So does mine

C.So mine is

D.So mine does

B 考查倒装语序。句意:——我的房间到晚上就变得很冷。——我的也是。由so,neither,nor开头的句子,表示重复前面句子的部分意思,但前后两句的主语不同,且句子应用倒装结构。

15.Young adults older people are more likely to prefer pop songs.

A.other than

B.more than

C.less than

D.rather than

D 考查词组词义辨析。句意:喜欢流行歌曲的可能是年轻人而不是老年人。可首先排除B、C两项,因为主句中已经有比较级标志词more。other than表示“除了”,young adults和older people不存在包容关系,即整体和局部的关系,所以A 项也错。rather than 而不是,符合题意。

16.The traditional approach with complex problems is to break them down into smaller, more easily managed problems.

A.to dealing

B.in dealing


D.to deal

A 考查固定搭配。句意:处理复杂问题的传统方法是将其分解成更容易处理的小问题。approach to为固定搭配, to在这里是介词,后面应跟动名词。

17.Let’s think of a situation this idiom can be used.





A 考查定语从句。句意:咱们来想一个能够应用这个成语的语境。where引导定语从句且在从句中作地点状语,符合题意。

18.There is no specific rule what we should wear to a dinner party.

A.because of

B.as to

C.as of

D.but for

B 考查词组词义辨析。句意:至于出席宴会我们应该穿什么样的服装并没有具体的规定。because of因为;as to关于,至于;as of从……开始;but for若不是。

19.Go back to your room and leave me .





A 考查形近词词义辨析。句意:回你的房间去,让我一个人待一会儿。leave sb.alone 表示“别打扰某人,让某人单独待着”。lonely孤单的,孤独的;along沿着;almost几乎。

20.Make a note of it you should forget it.





D 考查词义辨析。句意:把这件事记一下,免得你忘了。根据句意,应选D。lest免得,后接从句,需用虚拟语气,且should可省略。

Ⅲ.Cloze(30 points)

Directions:For each blank in the following passage,there are four choices marked A,B,C and D.Choose the one that is most suitable and mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

Drawing a picture is the simplest way of putting an idea down on paper.That is 21 men first began to write six thousand years ago or 22 .The alphabet we now use 23 down to us over a long period of time.It was developed from the picture-writing of ancient Egypt.

Picture-writing was useful in many 24 .It could be used to express ideas as well as 25 .For example, a drawing of a 26 meant the object “man”. 27 a drawing of a man lying on the ground with a spear in him meant “ 28 ”.

Besides the Egyptians,the Chinese 29 the American Indians also developed ways 30 writing in pictures.But only 31 much could be said this way.Thousands of pictures would have been needed 32 express all the ideas that people might have.It would have taken many thousand more to express all the objects 33 to men.No one could 34 so many pictures in a lifetime.Nor could anyone learn the meaning of all 35 drawings in a lifetime.





D 理解推断题。和前文的way相呼应,表示“那是人们怎样……”,因此这里引导表语从句的连词用how。





B 理解推断题。数词后面加or more表示“或更多一点”。





D 理解推断题。come down的意思是“传下来”。





C 词义辨析题。in many ways的意思是“在许多方面”,符合题意。





C 理解推断题。只有objects可以和ideas相对应,一个是物质的,一个是精神的,这样就把各种事物都包括了。





D 理解推断题。从后面呼应的meant the object “man”可知,此处应该填man。





A 理解推断题。本句和上句之间的关系不是因果关系,而是一种转折关系,故用but。





B 理解推断题。动词meant的宾语要用名词,down是副词,die是动词,sleep也可作名词,但不符合句意。只有名词death符合句意。





A 语法结构题。两个并列主语(the Chinese及the American Indians)之间应用连词and。





D 语法结构题。在way的后面要用to do sth.或of doing sth.,此处空格后面用的是writing,故用of。





C 理解推断题。only not much用在一起不符合语言习惯,且逻辑上不通。only very much逻辑上不通,因为very much指“很多”,前面再加上only(仅仅,只有)意思上就讲不通。如果说only too much那意味着象形文字能表达的内容太多了,与文意不符,故用so much,意思是指象形文字能够表达的只有这么多。





A 理解推断题。express是动语,前面用不定式符号to,表示目的。





A 理解推断题。后面已有介词to,故不能再选介词in或with。不能说be called to sb.,因此也不能选C。known to sb.的意思是“为……所知道”。





B 理解推断题。后面的宾语是pictures,故谓语动词只能用draw(画)。





D 理解推断题。many和some前面不能用all;that是单数,后面不能接复数名词;只有such前面可以用all,后面可以接复数名词。

Ⅳ.Reading Comprehension(60 points)

Directions:There are five reading passages in this part.Each passage is followed by four questions.For each question there are four suggested answers marked A,B,C and D.Choose the best answer and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

Passage One

We can make mistakes at any age.Some mistakes we make are about money.But most mistakes are about people.“Did Jerry really care when I broke up with Helen?”“When I got that great job, did Jim really feel good about it, as a friend? Or did he envy my luck?” When we look back, doubts like these can make us feel bad.But when we look back, it’s too late.

Why do we go wrong about our friends or our enemies? Sometimes what people say hides their real meaning.And if we don’t really listen closely we miss the feeling behind the words.Suppose someone tells you, “You’re a lucky dog.” That’s being friendly.But“lucky dog”? There’s a bit of envy in those words.Maybe he doesn’t see it himself.But bringing in the “dog” puts you down a little.What he may be saying is that he doesn’t think you deserve your luck.

“Just think of all the things you have to be thankful for” is another noise that says one thing and means another.It could mean that the speaker is trying to get you to see your problem as part of your life as a whole.But is he? Wrapped up in this phrase is the thought that your problem isn’t important.It’s telling you to think of all the starving people in the world when you haven’t got a date for Saturday night.

How can you tell the real meaning behind someone’s words? One way is to take a good look at the person talking.Do his words fit the way he looks? Does what he says agree with the tone of voice? His posture? The look in his eyes? Stop and think.The minute you spend thinking about the real meaning of what people say to you may save another mistake.

36.According to the author,the reason why we go wrong about our friends is that .

A.we fail to listen carefully when they talk

B.people tend to be annoyed when we check what they say

C.people usually state one thing but mean another

D.we tend to doubt what our friends say

C 推理判断题。由第二段第二句及第三段首句可知,有时人们所说的话掩饰了其真实含义,而且言不由衷。故选C。

37.In the sentence “Maybe he doesn’t see it himself” in paragraph 2, the pronoun “it” refers to .

A.being friendly

B.a bit of envy

C.lucky dog

D.your luck

B 词语理解题。本句中的it指的就是上句提到的a bit of envy。

38.When we listen to a person talking, the most important thing for us to do is to .

A.notice the way the person is talking

B.take a good look at the person talking

C.mind his tone, his posture and the look in his eyes

D.examine the real meaning of what he says based on his manner, his tone and his posture

D 事实细节题。文章最后一段告诉我们要想弄懂一个人说话的真实含义,就要注意他说话的方式、语调和姿态。D项概括全面,故选D。

39.The author most probably is a .





B 推理判断题。通过了解文章的意思,我们可以看出作者分析了交际过程的心理因素,并从心理学角度提出建议,以使人们少犯错误。由此可知,作者可能是个心理学家。

Passage Two

There is no creature that does not need sleep or complete rest every day.

If you want to know why, just try going without sleep for a long period of time.You will discover that your mind and body would become too tired to work properly.You would become irritable and find it hard to think clearly or concentrate on your work.So sleep is quite simply the time when the cells of your body recover from the work of the day and build up supplies of energy for the next period of activity.

One of the things we all know about sleep is that we are unconscious in sleep.We do not know what is going on around us.But that doesn’t mean the body stops all activity.The important organs continue to work during sleep, but most of the body functions are slowed down.

For example, our breathing becomes slower and deeper.The heart beats more slowly, and the blood pressure is lower.Our arms and legs become limp(柔软的)and muscles are at rest.It would be impossible for our body to relax to such an extent if we were awake.So sleep does for us what the most quiet rest can not do.

Your body temperature becomes lower when you are asleep, which is the reason people go to sleep under some kind of covers.And even though you are unconscious, many of your reflexes(反射动作)still work.For instance, if someone tickles(使觉得痒)your foot, you will put it away in your sleep, or even brush a fly from your forehead.You do these things without knowing it.

40.If you don’t have as much sleep as your body needs, you will .

A.work properly

B.think clearly

C.keep your attention on your work

D.easily get angry

D 事实细节题。文章第二段第三句指出,如果睡眠不足,人们会容易发怒,思路也会变得不清晰,而且很难专注于工作。

41.The cells of your body develop supplies of energy .

A.when you are asleep

B.when you recover from your work of the day

C.in the next period of activity

D.when you are quiet

A 事实细节题。文章第二段最后一句指出,睡眠时是身体的细胞从整天的忙碌中恢复并为下一个阶段的活动增加能量供应的时间。故选A。

42.In the clause“…that we are unconscious in sleep”(Para.3),the word “unconscious” means .




D.not knowing what is happening around

D 词语理解题。本句出现于文章的第三段第一句,接下来的一句是对unconscious一词的进一步解释,即do not know what is going on around us。

43.When you are sleeping, .

A.all of you reflexes stop working

B.most of your reflexes stop working

C.many of your reflexes still work

D.all of your reflexes still work

C 推理判断题。文章第三段最后一句的意思是,睡眠中,身体的重要器官继续工作,但是身体大部分的功能放慢了,且从最后一段“…many of your reflexes still work”一句我们得出,答案为C。

Passage Three

Space is a dangerous place,not only because of meteors but also because of rays from the sun and other stars.The atmosphere again acts as our protective blanket on earth.Light gets through,and this is essential for plants to make the food which we eat.Heat,too,makes our environment endurable.Various kinds of rays come through the air from outer space,but enormous quantities of radiation from the sun are screened off.As soon as men leave the atmosphere they are exposed to this radiation.But their spacesuits or the walls of their spacecraft,if they are inside,do prevent a lot of radiation damage.

Radiation is the greatest known danger to explorers in space.The unit of radiation is called “rem”.Scientists have reason to think that a man can put up with far more radiation than 0.1 rem without being damaged;the figure of 60 rems has been agreed on.The trouble is that it is extremely difficult to be sure about radiation damage—a person may feel perfectly well,but the cells of his or her sex organs may be damaged,and this will not be discovered until the birth of deformed(畸形的)children or even grandchildren.Missions of the Apollo flights have had to cross belts of high radiation and,during the outward and return journeys,the Apollo crew accumulated a large amount of rems.So far,no dangerous amounts of radiation have been reported,but the Apollo missions have been quite short.We simply do not know yet how men are going to get on when they spend weeks and months outside the protection of the atmosphere,working in a space laboratory.Drugs might help to decrease the damage done by radiation,but no really effective ones have been found so far.

44.According to the first paragraph,the atmosphere is essential to man in that .

A.it protects him against the harmful rays from space

B.it provides sufficient light for plant growth

C.it supplies the heat necessary for human survival

D.it screens off the falling meteors

A 推断判断题。由第一段可知,流星和来自太阳及其他星体的射线,使得宇宙空间成为危险之地,而大气层可以充当地球的保护毯。由此可知,大气层在保护人类不受有害射线的辐射方面至关重要,故选A。

45.We know from the passage that .

A.exposure to even tiny amounts of radiation is fatal

B.the effect of exposure to radiation is slow in coming

C.radiation is avoidable in space exploration

D.astronauts in spacesuits needn’t worry about radiation damage

B 推理判断题。由第二段第四句可知,辐射对人体的危害一时难以显现,它可能会在其子女或孙子女的身上体现出来。B项符合题意,故选B。

46.It can be inferred from the passage that .

A.the Apollo mission was very successful

B.protection from space radiation is no easy job

C.astronauts will have deformed children or grandchildren

D.radiation is not a threat to well-protected space explorers

B 推理判断题。由最后一句“Drugs might…but no really effective ones have been found so far.”可知,目前人类还没有找到有效的方法去避免辐射的危害,所以免受辐射危害并非易事,故选B。

47.The best title for this passage would be .

A.The Atmosphere and Our Environment

B.Research on Radiation

C.Effects of Space Radiation

D.Importance of Protection Against Radiation

C 主旨大意题。通读全文可知,文章开头提到,宇宙空间里存在很多辐射,第二段又紧紧围绕辐射对人类的影响展开论述。C项符合题意,故选C。

Passage Four

How men first learned to invent words is unknown;in other words, the origin of language is a mystery.All we really know is that men, unlike animals, somehow invented certain sounds to express thoughts and feelings, actions and things, so that they could communicate with each other;and that later they agreed upon certain signs, called letters, which could be combined to represent those sounds and which could be written down.Those sounds, whether spoken, or written in letters, we call words.

The power of words, then, lies in their associations—the things they bring up before our minds.Words become filled with meaning for us by experience;and the longer we live, the more certain words recall to us the glad and sad events of our past;and the more we read and learn, the more the number of words that mean something to us increases.

Great writers are those who not only have great thoughts but also express these thoughts in words which appeal powerfully to our minds and emotions.This charming and telling use of words is what we call literary(文字的)style.Above all,the real poet is a master of words.He can convey his meaning in words which sing like music,and which by their position and association can move men to tears.We should therefore learn to choose our words carefully and use them accurately,or they will make our speech silly and rude.

48.The origin of language .

A.is a legend handed down from the past

B.is reflected in sounds and letters

C.dates back to the prehistoric period

D.is a problem not yet solved

D 事实细节题。文章第一段第一句指出,我们还不知道人们第一次是怎样创造单词的,换句话说,语言的来源仍是个谜(the origin of language is a mystery),还没有得到解决。故选D。

49.One of the reasons why men invented certain sounds to express thoughts and actions is that .

A.they could agree upon certain signs

B.they could write them down

C.they could communicate with each other

D.they could combine them

C 事实细节题。文章第一段第二句指出,人们创造某些声音来表达自己的思想感情、行动和事物,目的是他们可以互相交流。故选C。

50.What is true about words?

A.They are used to express feelings only.

B.They can not be written down.

C.They are represented either by sounds or letters.

D.They are visual letters.

C 事实细节题。文章第一段讲到,人类起初用某种声音进行交流,后来又有了字母,字母结合起来可以代表声音,也可以写下来。因此这些说出来的声音也好,用字母写出来的声音也好,都被我们称为words。故选C。

51.The real power of words exists in their .




D.representative function

D 推理判断题。由文章第二段第一句“The power of words,then,lies in their associations—the things they bring up before our minds.”可知,words的魅力在于它的代表性功能(representative function)。

Passage Five

It seems so natural to put up an umbrella to keep the water off when it rains.But actually the umbrella was not invented as protection against rain.Its first use was as a shade against the sun!

Nobody knows who first invented it, but the umbrella was used in very ancient times.Probably the first to use it were the Chinese, as early as the eleventh century B.C.

We know that the umbrella was used in ancient Egypt and Babylon as a sunshade.And there was a strange thing connected with its use: it became a symbol of honour and authority.In the Far East in ancient times the

umbrella was allowed to be used only by royalty or by those in high office.

In Europe, the Greeks were the first to use the umbrella as a sunshade.And the umbrella was in common use in ancient Greece.But it is believed that the first persons in Europe to use the umbrella as protection against the rain were the ancient Romans.

During the Middle Ages, the use of the umbrella practically disappeared.Then it appeared again in Italy in the late sixteenth century.And again it was considered a symbol of power and authority.By 1680, the umbrella appeared in France, and later on in England.

By the eighteenth century, the umbrella was used against rain throughout most of Europe.Umbrellas have not changed much in style during all this time, though they have become much lighter in weight.It wasn’t until the twentieth century that women’s umbrellas began to be made, in a whole variety of colours.

52.Which of the following statements is NOT true about the umbrella?

A.No one exactly knows who was the inventor of the umbrella.

B.The umbrella was first invented to be used as protection against the sun.

C.The umbrella changed much in style in the eighteenth century.

D.In Europe the Greeks were the first to use the umbrella as a sunshade.

C 事实细节题。文章最后一段指出,18世纪时,雨伞除了重量有所减轻之外,形状的变化并不大。

53.A strange feature of the umbrella’s use is that it was used as .

A.protection against rain

B.a shade against the sun

C.a symbol of honour and power

D.a way of women’s decoration

C 事实细节题。文章第三段指出,雨伞曾经是荣耀、权威和权势的象征,这在今天看来是很奇怪的。

54.In Europe, the umbrella was first used against the rain .

A.in China

B.in ancient Egypt

C.in Rome

D.in Greece

C 事实细节题。文章第四段第三句指出,据说,欧洲首先使用雨伞挡雨的是古罗马人。

55.This passage talks mainly about .

A.how the umbrella was invented

B.why the umbrella was so popular in Europe

C.the development of the umbrella

D.who needed umbrella first

C 主旨大意题。通读全文,作者讲述了首先使用雨伞的国家和地区,接着讲述了雨伞的用途和形状随时代的变化而变化,因此,选项C(雨伞的发展)应为文章的中心思想。

Ⅴ.Daily Conversation(15 points)

Directions:Pick out appropriate expressions from the eight choices below and complete the following dialogue by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

A.Yes,he does

B.Would 9:30 be convenient

C.Can I help you

D.this is my name card

E.out on business today

F.It won’t be long

G.make an appointment to see him sometime next week

H.How long will it be

A:Good morning! 56 ?

B:Yes,may I see your production manager,Mr.Smith,please?

A:I am sorry.Mr.Smith is 57 .

B:Well,I’d like to 58 .

A:Let me check Mr.Smith’s diary.Just a moment.Yes,Mr.Smith doesn’t seem to be busy on Tuesday morning and Friday afternoon.

B:Could I make an appointment for Tuesday morning?

A: 59 ?

B:Yes,that’ll be fine.

A:I’ll make note of that.May I have your name,please?

B:Yes, 60 .You can contact me any day.


B:Thank you very much!Good-bye!


56.C 57.E 58.G 59.B 60.D

Ⅵ.Writing(25 points)

Directions:For this part, you are supposed to write a letter in English in 100-120 words based on the following information.Remember to write it clearly.

61.你是王刚(Wang Gang),写一封给朋友李明(Li Ming)的祝贺信,祝贺他获得复旦大学计算机科学硕士学位,并祝他今后在学习和研究方面取得成功。

Dear Li Ming,

I am delighted to learn that you have received your Master’s degree in Computer Science from Fudan University.I write to congratulate you on your success.We have good reason to feel proud of you.We know your degree of Master of Computer Science means diligent study and hard work.As your best friend, I have followed your progress with pleasure and interest.I can imagine how satisfied your parents are at this moment.As I understand, you will continue studies in America soon.I wish you great success in your studies and research work.


Wang Gang