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Ⅰ.Phonetics(5 points)

Directions:In each of the following groups of words,there are four underlined letters or letter combinations marked A,B,C and D.Compare the underlined parts and identify the one that is different from the others in pronunciation.Mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.


























Ⅱ.Vocabulary and Structure(15 points)

Directions:There are 15 incomplete sentences in this section.For each sentence there are four choices marked A,B,C and D.Choose one answer that best completes the sentence and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

6.The committee is totally opposed any changes being made in the plans.





C 考查固定搭配。句意:委员会完全反对对计划作任何变动。be opposed to构成固定搭配,意为“反对”。

7.We’ll visit Europe next year we have enough money.





D 考查连词词义辨析。句意:如果有足够的钱,我们明年将去欧洲旅行。lest唯恐,以免;until直到……;unless除非,如果不;provided假如,如果。

8.The room is in a terrible dirty surroundings;it cleaned.

A.can’t have been

B.shouldn’t have been

C.mustn’t have been

D.wouldn’t have been

A 考查情态动词。句意:房间乱极了,不可能打扫过。句子前半部分“房间乱极了”是前提,后半部分是对这种情况作出的一种猜测性判断,且带否定意味,应用否定形式can’t have done,表示不可能做过某事。shouldn’t have done意为“本不应该做,而实际上已经做了”,与句意不符。

9.That was so serious a matter that I had no choice but the police.

A.called in

B.calling in

C.call in

D.to call in

D 考查“but+动词不定式”结构。句意:那件事如此严重,除了请警察,我别无选择。这种结构一般有两种模式:have no choice but+带to不定式;have nothing to do but+不带to不定式。

10.It’s already 5 o’clock now.Don’t you think it’s about time ?

A.we are going home

B.we go home

C.we went home

D.we can go home

C 考查it is time(that)从句的用法。句意:现在已经5点钟了,你不认为我们该回家了吗? 在这一句型中,从句中的动词需要用过去时,故C项正确。

11.I haven’t decided which hotel .

A.to stay

B.is to stay at

C.to stay at

D.is for staying

C 考查“疑问代词+不定式”的用法。句意:我还没有决定暂住哪家宾馆。因为stay为不及物动词,所以其后需加介词at。

12.The ancient Egyptians are supposed rockets to the moon.

A.to send

B.to be sending

C.to have sent

D.to have been sending

C 考查不定式完成式的用法。句意:据推测,古埃及人曾向月球发射过火箭。send为短暂性动词,不能用进行时态,所以B、D两项错误。A项和C项的区别在于不定式的时态,句首表示时间概念的ancient表明不定式动作在句子谓语动作之前发生,不定式须用完成式,故C项正确。

13.It is kind you to do me a favor at this moment.





C 考查固定句型。句意:谢谢你在这个时候来帮我。It is + adj.+ of/for sb.to do sth.是固定句型。of前接与人的赞美或批评有关的形容词,for前接与事物有关的形容词。

14.Let’s think of a situation this idiom can be used.





A 考查定语从句。句意:咱们来想一个能够应用这个成语的语境。where引导定语从句且在从句中作地点状语,符合题意。

15.Silver is the best conductor of electricity, copper it closely.



C.to follow

D.being followed

B 考查非谓语动词。句意:银是最好的导电体,铜仅次之。copper与follow之间为主动关系,故用现在分词形式。

16.Many a young scientist engaged in the research work.



C.have been

D.has been

D 考查主谓一致。句意:很多年轻的科学家都投入到这一项研究工作中来。“many a +可数名词单数”作主语时,谓语动词应用单数形式。另外,be engaged in是固定搭配,表示“忙于,从事于”。

17.Mr.Verder never thought that he would become a member of the board of directors because of his origin.





A 考查形容词词义辨析。句意:由于出身卑微,弗尔德先生从未想过他会成为董事会的一员。humble卑微的;previous先前的,以前的;critical批评的;false错误的。

18.If the whole operation beforehand, a great deal of time and money would have been lost.

A.was not planned

B.has not been planned

C.had not been planned

D.were not planned

C 考查虚拟语气。句意:如果事先没有计划好整个运作,大量的时间和金钱将会流失。由would have been lost可知此处表示与过去事实相反的虚拟语气,从句中应使用“had+过去分词”形式。

19.Staying in a hotel costs renting a room in a dormitory for a week.

A.twice more

B.twice as much as

C.as much twice as

D.as much as twice

B 考查倍数的表达方式。句意:住旅馆一周的费用相当于租宿舍的两倍。表示倍数时,可用“倍数+as+形容词原级+as…”结构。

20.You cannot be careful when you drive a car.





C 考查常用表达方法。句意:驾驶汽车时,怎么小心都不过分。“cannot be too+形容词”构成特殊用法,意为“无论多么……都不为过”。其他几项不合句意。

Ⅲ.Cloze(30 points)

Directions:For each blank in the following passage,there are four choices marked A,B,C and D.Choose the one that is most suitable and mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

Have you ever had to decide whether to go shopping or stay home and watch TV on a weekend? Now you 21 do both at the same time. Home shopping television networks(网络) have become a 22 for many people to shop without 23 having to leave their home.

Some shoppers are 24 of department stores and supermarkets—fighting the crowds, waiting in long lines, and sometimes having slight 25 of finding anything they want to buy. They’d rather sit quietly at home in front of the TV set and watch a friendly announcer describe a product 26 a model shows it. And they can shop around the clock, buying something 27 by making a phone call.

Department stores and even mail order companies are 28 to join in the success of home shopping. Large department stores are busy 29 their own TV channels(频道) to encourage TV shopping in the future. Customers can ask questions about products and place 30 , all through their TV sets.

Will shopping by television 31 take the place of shopping in stores? Some industry managers think so. 32 many people find shopping at a real store a great enjoyment. And for many shoppers, it is still important to 33 or try on dresses they want to buy. That’s 34 specialists say that in the future, home shopping will 35 together with store shopping but will never entirely replace it.





D 理解推断题。网络购物时代使得人们能够(can)在家中实现购物和看电视两不误。





B 词义辨析题。坐在家中运用网络电视系统购物成为一种流行的方式(way)。programme节目,项目;reason原因;purpose目的。





A 词义辨析题。副词ever表示“有时,从来”,起到加强语气的作用,符合题意。





C 词义辨析题。be proud of为……自豪;be fond of喜欢……;be tired of厌烦……;be careful of小心……。从下文所列举的商店购物的不利之处可知,应选C。





C 理解推断题。have slight hope of表示“……的希望很渺茫”,符合题意。





D 词义辨析题。此处表示电视购物广告既有产品描述还有模特的具体演示,关联词 while在这里强调两个动作同时进行。





C 理解推断题。客户买东西需要的仅仅是打个电话,副词simply在这里表示“简单,仅仅”。





D 理解推断题。电视网络购物成为潮流,许多大型商场等非常“急于”分享这一块大“蛋糕”。be eager to do sth.表示“急于做某事”,符合题意。

29.A.putting up

B.making up

C.setting up

D.looking up

C 词义辨析题。一些大型百货商店正忙于建立(setting up)自己的电视购物频道。put up搭起,张贴;make up编造;look up查阅,都不符合题意。





A 固定搭配题。place orders表示“订购”。





B 理解推断题。电视购物最终会不会代替商店购物呢? 副词lastly强调罗列要点时的“最后一点”;而finally则表示“最终,最后”,符合题意。





B 词义辨析题。副词however表示前后两句之间的转折关系,但后面往往用逗号隔开,因此此处用yet(然而)符合题意。





D 理解推断题。连词or(或者)表示选择关系,因此空白处内容与try on dresses之间可选择其一,应选择touch,即“摸一摸或者试穿一下他们想买的商品”。





B 理解推断题。根据上下文的语境,题干的大意应是“那就是……的原因(That’s why…)”。





A 理解推断题。专家预测未来社会电视网络购物将与商店购物并存(exist),但永远不会取代(replace)它。

Ⅳ.Reading Comprehension(60 points)

Directions:There are five reading passages in this part.Each passage is followed by four questions.For each question there are four suggested answers marked A,B,C and D.Choose the best answer and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

Passage One

The dog has always been considered man’s best friend. Always noted for being particularly faithful in watching over children, he also has his place by the fireside, in the cow pasture, on the sheep range(放牧区), and beside the hunter in forest. He is easy to train, works hard, and often performs astonishing feats. And in the frozen polar regions he was once the principal motive power, before being lately displaced by the plane and helicopter.

Because he howls or whines in the presence of impending death, the dog was once thought to have supernatural powers and believed to be capable of seeing gods and ghosts invisible to men. Actually, the basis for these beliefs lies in the hound’s sensibility to people’s feelings and his superior hearing ability and sense of smell, which enable him to detect signs hidden from human observation. His record of saving lives is outstanding, for he often gives warning of fire and other dangers not noticed by his master.

The dog’s major contribution, however, has been to medical research. Both his diet and his structure are comparable to those of the human being, and so he has been the subject of countless demonstrations and experiments. Open heart surgery has been made possible largely because of the dog. But his sacrifice has repaid his own species as well by safeguarding it from rabies(狂犬病), distemper, and other diseases.

36.The dog has always been noted for .

A.protecting children

B.assisting shepherds

C.helping hunters

D.herding cattle

A 事实细节题。文章第一段第二句前半句指出,狗总是以特别忠实地照看孩子而出名。

37.In the polar regions, the dog mainly .

A.carried supplies

B.provided companionship

C.tracked prey

D.herded caribou(驯鹿)

A 事实细节题。文章第一段最后一句指出,在寒冷的极地,在飞机和直升机出现之前,狗曾是主要的动力。也就是说,人们主要用狗去驮运物品。

38.Dogs are similar to human beings in .





B 事实细节题。文章第三段第二句前半句指出,狗的饮食和身体结构与人类很接近。

39.The article does not say whether the scientists’ experiments with dogs have .

A.benefited animals other than dogs

B.served man

C.helped other dogs

D.contributed to medical knowledge

A 事实细节题。文章最后指出,科学家们对狗的实验使狗免于犬瘟、狂犬病之类的疾病,而没有提及对其他动物有益。故选A。

Passage Two

The strange close understanding between twins is a familiar enough phenomenon. Often they seem to understand each other and share each other’s emotions to such an extent that one suspects some kind of thought communication.

What is not so widely known is that this special relationship often acts as brake on twins’ intellectual development. As they are partly isolated in their own private world, twins communicate less with adults than do other children. The verbal ability of a four-year old twin is typically six months behind that of a non-twin. The problem can be particularly severe in an underprivileged family, a one parent family for example, where there is little stimulation for children anyway.

Such children, while capable of mutual comprehension in a private language, often remain incomprehensible to outsiders and thus at a severe educational disadvantage. The only solution to the problem, cruel though it may seem, is to separate the twins thus forcing them to acquire ordinary speech helped and guided by sympathetic parents and teachers.

40.Many people don’t know that .

A.twins understand each other very well

B.twins are slow to learn to talk

C.twins are unlikely to do less well at school than other children

D.there exists more communication between twins

B 事实细节题。文章第二段指出,很多人还不知道,由于双胞胎与其他人交际少导致一对四岁的双胞胎儿童的语言能力明显落后。故选B。

41.What’s the reason for twins to be at a disadvantage in their intellectual development?

A.They can only understand their own private language.

B.They communicate with outsiders less than non-twins.

C.There is little stimulation for them.

D.Adults don’t like to talk with them.

B 事实细节题。文章第三段第一句指出,双胞胎之间交际太多,而与其他人交际过少,这使他们智力发展中存在很大的不足。

42.The author probably feels that twins’ problem .

A.can not be solved because solution is very cruel

B.can be solved because twins will be separated

C.can not be solved unless the twins are forced to live in an ordinary environment

D.can be solved if the adults communicate with them more often

C 事实细节题。文章最后一句的意思是,解决双胞胎智力发展问题的唯一方法是将双胞胎分开培养和教育。故C项符合题意。

43.The writer mentions all of the items listed below EXCEPT .

A.twins can help each other

B.twins share each other’s emotion

C.twins are able to understand each other in a private language

D.twins communicate less with their parents

A 事实细节题。作者在文中提到了双胞胎可以拥有相同的情感,互相理解,与他人交流较少,而没有提及双胞胎之间可以互相帮助。故选A。

Passage Three

Have you ever argued with your loved ones over simple misunderstandings(误解)? Little wonder. We often believe we’re more skillful in getting our point across than we actually are, according to Boza Keysar, a professor at the University of Chicago. In his recent study, speakers tried to express their meanings using unclear sentences. Speakers who thought listeners understood were wrong nearly half the time. Here’s some good advice to reduce misunderstanding:

(1)Don’t trust what you see from the listener. Listeners often nod, look at you or say “uhhuh” to be polite or move the conversation along. But it’s easy to consider these as signs of understanding.

(2)Train the editor(编辑) in your head. If you say, “Beth discusses her problems with her husband,” it’s not clear whether she’s talking to her husband or about him. Try instead, “Beth talks to her husband about her problems.” or “Beth talks to others about the problems with her husband.”

(3)Ask listeners to repeat your message. Introduce your request by saying “I want to be sure I said that right.” Questions like “How does that sound?” or “Does that make sense?” may also work.

(4)Listen well. When on the receiving end, ask questions to be sure you’re on the same page. After all, it isn’t just the speaker’s job to make his speech understood.

44.Why does the writer give us the advice?

A.We’re not skillful enough to make clear sentences.

B.Misunderstanding is damaging our normal lives.

C.Misunderstanding occurs now and then.

D.It’s impolite to say NO to others.

C 推理判断题。由第一段可知,仅仅因为误解而引起争执的情况时有发生,因而作者才给出了建议。

45.The writer suggests that when talking to others, the speaker should .

A.know that listeners will show him that they understand his words

B.express himself clearly even when he sees signs of understanding

C.notice listener’s signs of understanding

D.look directly into his listener’s eyes

B 推理判断题。由第二段可知,听者有时会有点头等行为,但有时这只是他出于礼貌或使谈话顺利进行下去的表示,而并不代表他真正理解你所说的话,所以说话者即使看到表示理解的信号时也应该清楚地表达自己的观点。

46.By training the editor in your head, the speakers are advised .

A.to get themselves trained by a good editor

B.to discuss problems with their husbands or wives

C.to express themselves in long but simple sentences

D.to make sure each sentence has only one meaning

D 推理判断题。由第三段所举的例子可知,有时一句话表达不清会有歧义,所以作者建议所讲的话应该只有一个意思,以免发生歧义。

47.In the last paragraph, the words “you’re on the same page” mean that .

A.you’re following the speaker closely

B.you’re reading the same page as the speaker does

C.you should know which page the speaker refers to

D.your story is written on the same page as the speaker’s

A 句意理解题。由此句后面一句“make his speech understood”可知,“you’re on the same page”意为“你能跟得上说话者的思路,能理解说话者的意思”。

Passage Four

The first European stock exchange was established in Antwerp, Belgium(比利时), in 1531.There were no stock exchanges in England until the 1700’s. A man wishing to buy or sell shares of stock had to find a broker(agents) to transact his business for him. In London, he usually went to a coffee house, because brokers often gathered there. In 1773, the brokers of London formed a stock exchange.

In New York City, brokers met under an old button wood tree on Wall Street. They organized the New York Stock Exchange in 1792.The American Stock Exchange, the second largest in the United States, was formerly called the Curb Exchange because of its origin on the streets of New York City.

A stock exchange is a market place where member brokers buy and sell stocks and bonds(债券) of American and foreign businesses on behalf of the public. A stock exchange provides a market place for stocks and bonds in the same way a board of trade does for commodities. The stockbrokers receive a small commission on each transaction they make.

The stockholder may sell his stock wherever he wants to unless the corporation has some special rule to prevent it. Prices of stock change according to general business conditions and the earnings and future prospects(前景) of the company. If the business is doing well, the stockholder may be able to sell his stock for a profit. If it is not, he may have to take a loss.

48.In the 1600’s, if a man wanted to buy or sell shares of stock in England, he had to do it through .

A.the government


C.a broker

D.the stock exchange

C 事实细节题。文章第一段第三句指出,如果(在18世纪以前)有人想在英国买卖股票就必须通过经纪人(代理人)替他交易。

49.The second largest stock exchange in the U.S. used to be called .

A.the Wall Street Exchange

B.the New York Stock Exchange

C.the Curb Exchange

D.the U.S. Exchange

C 事实细节题。文章第二段第三句指出,美国证券交易所是美国第二大证券交易所,曾因其发起地点在纽约市的街道上而被称为Curb Exchange。

50.Which of the statements is true?

A.The stockholder can sell his stock to anywhere at any time.

B.There were no stock exchange in England in the 1700’s.

C.The price of stock is not stable.

D.The stockbrokers do the transaction without charging for the stockholders.

C 推理判断题。文章第四段第二句指出,股票价格根据公司的总体情况、收益及公司未来的发展情况而变化。从而可以判定C正确,即:股票价格不稳定。

51.The passage is mainly about .

A.the Wall Street

B.the stock exchange

C.the stock

D.the stockholder and stockbroker

B 主旨大意题。文章主要讲的是证券交易所的形成和发展状况,所以B为正确答案。

Passage Five

It is customary for adults to forget how hard and dull and long school is. The learning by memory of all the basic things one must know is a most incredible and unending effort. Learning to read is probably the most difficult and revolutionary thing that happens to the human brain and if you don’t believe that, watch an illiterate adult try to do it. School is not easy and it is not for the most part very much fun, but then, if you are very lucky, you may find a real teacher. Three real teachers in a lifetime is the very best of my luck. My first was a science and math teacher in high school, my second, a professor of creative writing at Stanford, and my third was my friend and partner, Ed Ricketts.

My three had these things in common: They all loved what they were doing. They did not tell; they catalyzed a burning desire to know. Under their influence, the horizons sprung wide and fear went away and the unknown became knowable. But most important of all, the truth, that dangerous stuff, became beautiful and very precious.

I shall speak only of my first teacher because in addition to the other things, she brought discovery.

She aroused us to shouting, book waving discussions. She had the noisiest class in school and she didn’t even seem to know it. We could never stick to the subject. Our speculation ranged the world. She breathed curiosity into us so that we brought in facts or truths shielded in our hands like captured fireflies.

I can tell my son who looks forward with horror to fifteen years of drudgery that somewhere in the dusty dark a magic may happen that will light up the years if he is very lucky.

52.According to the author, what is the most difficult thing to people in school?





B 事实细节题。从文章第一段第三句“Learning to read is probably the most difficult and revolutionary thing…”可知,读是最难的。B项为正确答案。

53.The very best of the author is that he .

A.met a good teacher

B.he graduated from Stanford

C.made friends with his teachers

D.met some good teachers in his life

D 事实细节题。从文章第一段第五句“Three real teachers in a lifetime is the very best of my luck.”可知,最大的幸运是一生中遇到几位好老师(met some good teachers in his life)。D项为正确答案。

54.Among his teachers, left him a very deep impression.

A.the university teacher

B.the high school teacher

C.Ed Ricketts

D.the first two teachers

B 推理判断题。从文章第三段开头“I shall speak only of my first teacher because in addition to the other things, she brought discovery.”可以推出,“my first teacher”(高中教科学和数学的老师)给作者留下了很深的印象。B项为正确答案。

55.The author hoped that his son .

A.may be lucky to meet a good teacher

B.may study in school for fifteen years

C.can read many books

D.may study science and math

A 推理判断题。从文章最后一段“…somewhere in the dusty dark a magic may happen that will light up the years…”可以推断,作者希望儿子在15年的上学苦役中可以幸运地遇到好老师(may be lucky to meet a good teacher)。A项为正确答案。

Ⅴ.Daily Conversation(15 points)

Directions:Pick out appropriate expressions from the eight choices below and complete the following dialogue by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

A.What should I do

B.Thank you, mom

C.Where have you been

D.Yes, he is

E.What was wrong with him

F.Were you sick

G.Where is the hospital

H.I’m sorry to hear that

A:Jim, you said you would not stay out late after school, didn’t you?

B:Yes, mom, I did.

A:But it’s 10 o’clock now. 56 ?

B:Sorry. I’ve been to the hospital.

A:What? 57 ?

B:No. I sent Jack to the hospital.

A:Oh, really? 58 ?

B:He had a terrible headache on the way home.

A:Is he better now?

B: 59 .

A:Good for you, my dear! I’m very glad you can help others.

B: 60 .

56.C 57.F 58.E 59.D 60.B

Ⅵ.Writing(25 points)

Directions:For this part,you are supposed to write a composition in English in 100-120 words based on the following information.Remember to write it clearly.

61.以“Failure and Success”为题写一篇短文,内容包括:




Failure and Success

Failure is a common thing in one’s life. Almost everyone experiences failure in his life. When one fails in doing something, he often feels upset. Some people may move back facing failure. But others will stick on and achieve the final success.

Success is what everyone expects. It may lead to fame and glory. When one succeeds in doing something, he gets so excited that he often forgets all the attempts he has done.

Failure is an important factor toward success. As the old saying goes, “Failure teaches success.” The way to success is full of various difficulties. Many important inventions or discoveries were achieved after hundreds of failures. And only those successes which have been achieved after many failures are really valuable and praiseworthy.